Demystifying SDN for the Network Engineer
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"Demystifying SDN for the Network Engineer"

Whether you know it as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), network automation, or network programmability, you've been hearing about it. There's a magic in what it can do to improve your work life, but also a good deal of mystery in terms of the network architectural shift it represents.

Our white paper, “Demystifying SDN for the Network Engineer,”—the first in a series of papers on the subject—aims to introduce you to the magic without all the mystery. We have strived to make this paper a gentle introduction to the topic, especially if you are wading into the waters for the first time. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Explain what’s happened on the technological landscape to give rise to SDN
  • Show in the simplest terms how the new network architecture compares to the traditional model
  • Detail the numerous benefits of SDN in the daily life of network engineers
  • Illustrate with a couple compelling examples why this technology is worth your attention
  • Help you visualize the possibilities and take your first steps
If you’re in the majority of network engineers still working primarily at the traditional command-line interface, but want to better understand what’s on the horizon, this white paper is for you.

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