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How to Win at the Game of Online Advertising

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"How to Win at the Game of Online Advertising"

Winning. That’s the purpose of investing your money and time into creating ads to influence the online world. You want more people to interact with your brand, more people to trust your reputation, and more people to buy your products and services. When digital advertising is done correctly, that’s exactly what happens. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to do it wrong.

Because Facebook and Google have made the ability to purchase advertising on their platforms relatively easy, many companies dive into the digital advertising pool headfirst. They develop ads without researching intended demographics, create content that fails to elicit engagement, and start advertising without aligned objectives and metrics to determine what real success looks like. You don’t need to join the companies that are jumping into the “pool” without being great swimmers.

When defining a winning online advertising strategy, you’ll want to look at four primary elements (in order of importance):

1. Targeting - How accurately are you reaching and resonating with your key audiences?

2. Objective-focused reporting & attribution - Do you have an easily digestible view of your result data that directly attributes your advertising campaigns to the objectives you seek to accomplish?

3. Effectiveness of content - Is your content motivating the actions you are seeking to achieve at a better than average rate (as defined by your industry and your past campaigns)?

4. Result optimization - Are you rapidly deploying cross-platform, and where appropriate, cross-landing page optimizations?

Each of these four elements should be properly assessed before you’re able to draw any conclusions about the efficacy of your current online advertising approach.

This whitepaper seeks to provide a framework to help you succeed in your online advertising journey.

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