Determining the Highest Value Leads
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"Determining the Highest Value Leads"

How Splunk software helps to effectively convert sales leads into paying customers.

One Splunk customer—an online Software as a Service (SaaS) company—provides cloud-based development, test and training environments for technology customers. Prospective customers sign up to try out the company's cloud software during a free trial period. Sales, however, lacked any insights into which were the most promising leads or the most effective marketing campaigns. The company also lacked the optics to prevent some users from misusing the free trial period, which fraudulently consumed its IT resources.

Learn how the SaaS provider used Splunk software to:

  • Identify high-value sales leads by scoring trial users, improving conversion rates from 2% to 25%
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of marketing initiatives enabling the marketing team to target the sites and campaigns that generate paying customers
  • Reduce fraud and abuse with alerts on when users violate the free trial agreement, which resulted in converting 50% of fraudulent users to paying customers
Read this case study to learn how a SaaS company used the Splunk platform to address three main challenges—qualifying leads, assessing marketing campaigns, and identifying and reducing fraud—which resulted in improved operational efficiencies and resource allocations.

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