HYPERVISOR INTROSPECTION - A Revolutionary Approach to Targeted Attacks
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"HYPERVISOR INTROSPECTION - A Revolutionary Approach to Targeted Attacks"

Some attacks still overpower virtualization security despite major efforts from security providers. This is because attack tools have advanced from user-mode (ring-three) to kernel mode (ring-zero) - rootkits.

Recent headlines about data breaches are clear – securing infrastructures against increasingly targeted attacks is imperative, yet traditional endpoint security tools are not closing the gap with attack technologies, let alone getting ahead of them.

A study conducted in February 2016 shows it takes companies an average of 5 months to detect a data breach. What's more, 53% of them needed external investigators to discover them, as internal resources showed no signs of a breach.

A lot that goes on in datacenters is invisible, but it doesn't have to be. Virtualization added a hypervisor layer below operating systems which to date, has not been leveraged to secure those guest operating systems and their workloads.

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