Eat That Frog!
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"Eat That Frog!"

Learn a whole series of practical ideas that you can use to get more done faster and become more productive than ever before.

Stop letting procrastination steal your life and dreams, instead get more done in less time!

This book includes: 

  • The "ABCDE" method - and why it's the single most important strategy for time management
  • The 2 greatest enemies of personal productivity and lifelong success - and how to stop doing them immediately 
  • What a "KWINK" analysis is - and how to use it to optimize every aspect of your life 

You cannot manage time, you can only manage yourself. So time management is really life management.  It’s really personal management. Everything that you do determines your success; it moves you toward your success or it moves you away.

Everything counts. So take control of your life and read on. 

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