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"Five B2B MarCom Strategies to Increase Sales Now - Free eBook"

YouTube. Twitter. Blogs. Podcasts. White Papers. Search. Direct Mail. Trade shows. Webinars. Networking. TV commercials. Prints ads. LinkedIn. Facebook. Digg.

To say that marketing today is fractured and fragmented is a total understatement. Where are people (our customers and prospects) congregating? How do we reach them? What works? What doesn't? Does it make sense to run ads in trade publications? No wait, maybe we should dump all our money into search. But wait, some gurus are still advocating direct mail and white papers. What's a marketing professional to do?

Five B2B MarCom Strategies to Increase Sales Now won't help you decide the best channel for disseminating your messages, but it will help you with strategy. That's because no matter what the communication channel, the strategies for developing messages and campaigns that resonate with buyers and customers have remained the same:

  1. Understand your target market
  2. Determine your campaign objectives before you start writing
  3. Integrate online and offline tactics
  4. Build your Website around what Buyers and Prospects want
  5. Focus on your Customer, not on your company
These strategies aren't rocket science but in today's fragmented marketing world, they're often forgotten in the rush to get a campaign out the door.

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