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"The Best of Medium - FREE audiobook"

I'm not going to be shy about this. If you are an author, you have to be on Medium.

Before Medium, I was a struggling author. I started blogs that never got any momentum. Time after time, I quit.

After Medium, these things have happened:

  • I have been featured in the biggest platforms in the world including Inc. Magazine, Apple News, and the New York Observer.
  • One of my posts got syndicated as the #1 post in the world on CNBC.
  • Olympic athletes started texting my phone to tell me they loved my work.
  • Over 34,000 people (and counting) are now waiting to see what I do next. has been my route to recognition. It can be yours too. Really, I write articles that you could repeat through your own lens and your own voice. You could hunt through the archives on my profile and find my best stuff to learn from, OR you could pick up my FREE audio book — The Best of Medium. The choice is yours :)

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